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Meet Gabrielle

Gabrielle Loren – Fresh, New, and Totally Different 

Gabrielle Loren is dedicated to making West Vancouver vibrant and liveable. As a resident of West Vancouver for over 53 years, she understands that the growth of the community is being stifled by a lack of diversified housing, and insufficient public transportation.Her insight and strong financial expertise will ensure these key issues are met while being mindful about tax payer dollars.

Mother, wife, business owner,and volunteer are only some of the words that describe Gabrielle Loren. Always seeking to achieve the best in all she does, while carefully balancing her family and daily life, is what Gabrielle has accomplished so far. Living an authentic life through example is what she does best.

Gabrielle’s Credentials

Gabrielle Loren will ensure your tax payer dollars are spent wisely by applying her strong financial expertise as West Vancouver Councillor.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Loren, Nancke, Chartered Professional Accountants – founding partner in 1989
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Certified General Accountant (CGA)
  • West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce board member for over 14 years: president for four years
  • Lions Gate Hospital Foundation current Board member
  • Financial and tax literacy teacher for CPA and TEC Canada
  • Speaker and instructor to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and Small Business BC
  • West Vancouver Soccer Club Team Manager
  • Strata accounting teacher for the Condominium Home Owners Association of British Columbia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What are your top three priorities in running for West Vancouver Councillor?

Diversified Housing: Many of us are the sandwich generation with kids still at home, or returning due to school breaks, and parents who are in need of care. With the majority of our homes in West Vancouver being single family homes, there is a significant shortage of homes for our young families, care givers, staff for our businesses, and seniors who are downsizing.

Financial Mindfulness: Taxes are going up faster in West Vancouver than almost any other municipality in the greater Vancouver area due to the proposed School Tax, which will affect homes assessed at over $3 Million. These taxes will not go towards schools, but general provincial government revenue. The taxes will be collected as part of our annual property taxes, so fiscal responsibility for our own municipal taxes will need to be minded even more in upcoming years. With over 80% of our municipal tax revenue going towards wages and benefits for our staff, we need to ensure fiscal accountability is a top priority.

Transportation: Bridge traffic, rush hour lineups, ferry traffic, and general congestion in our municipality has caused significant stress, anxiety, and costs. The entire North Shore is at a grid lock for too many hours in a day; yet, despite paying more than our fair share of transportation costs, our services are just now starting to be addressed.  Yes, the construction at the bottom of the Cut and the B-Line will help, but that is not enough. Our community should not be held hostage to traffic. We need solutions that will ease the transportation nightmare we all face on a regular basis.

Why have you recently moved from West Vancouver to North Vancouver?

With both of our children off at university, it was time to simplify our lives. No longer needing a large family home, we started looking for a place to downsize in West Vancouver. Our search for single level living that was close to activities, restaurants, and services resulted in places that were too old, too small, or did not allow pets. We expanded our search, wanting to stay on the North Shore,  and landed in the vibrant, pet friendly neighbourhood of Lower Lonsdale.

What do you love best about West Vancouver?

The People: For me, the people of West Vancouver are special is so many ways.  Their commitment to community, their expertise and success in business, science, technology, education, and service is second to none. Their philanthropic generosity and volunteerism is seen in every aspect of our community, whether it’s for the arts, sports, schools, libraries, hospitals,or our environment. I am always proud to say I grew up and raised my family in this wonderful community.

What is your leadership style?

Do what you do best, and hire others to do what they do best: No one person can do it all –but a team can. If West Vancouver can hire the best and the brightest staff, proposals will be well thought out,and a cost-benefit analysis – mindful of future generations – will be provided. I believe that councillors should listen to staff andto each other. Only then can we ensure thatwe understand the issues and concerns of our citizens, and accordingly make the best decision for the community.

Do you share a vision with other candidates running for West Vancouver councillor in 2018?

Yes! All candidates have similar platforms, but when it comes to a vision for West Vancouver, our timelines vary. It is reasonable to assume that the vibrant community I grew up in, the community that the candidates seek to establish, may take 10 plus years to come to fruition. To make this timeline work, we need to put plans in place now.  Waiting another 10 to 20 years to start planning is not viable, reasonable, or in our best interest. Jim Finkbeiner, Sharon Thompson, Marcus Wong, and I share the vision that now is the time to make plans for our future – not in 10 to 20 years. We will work together to make West Vancouver the community we all want and need.

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